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Francis Lewis Breaks Gender Barriers with Sports Teams

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As Charles Malik once said, “ The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world.” Distinctive sports and athletes all around the world serve as inspirational icons, which trigger a spark of motivation to go beyond barriers and acquire an active role. Ever since the past, certain gender barriers that hinder their ability to participate in male-dominant activities, such as sports and demanding professions, have surrounded women. Along with the coming of the twentieth century, some light was shed upon the needs and ability of this oppressed gender. Sports are viewed as an encouraging factor for social change, because they give athletic women the opportunity to display their individual talents and skills.  Francis Lewis High School, one of the most prestigious schools in Queens, NY, is lending a great hand in breaking these barriers.

One such opening that he has provided for the girls at Francis Lewis, is the newly introduced girls fencing team. Gender barriers were also broken as the first girls’ flag football team competed against Springfield High School last week. This sport, along with others to come, will give not just boys, but also girls the opportunity to participate in their school’s diverse community. One of the players, Franciny Estrella, said “To be apart of the first flag football team in Francis Lewis is very fulfilling. It also puts pressure on us as a team because we are the first, girls flag football team, that the school has ever had. Our first game was a loss, which I think is mostly because we were nervous and because our offense was off that day, but we will bring success to the team in our future games.”

There are other male dominant teams are currently open to girls at Francis Lewis High School. One of those teams is wrestling.

“I am so glad I could be a part of a sport that is predominantly played by males because it allows others to see that just because males mostly do it does not mean the females are unable to,” said Brittany, a team member on the girls’ wrestling team. “We have had professional female wrestlers come to practice, and they are so proud that we have begun a new generation of wrestlers that are female. It is a great sport and more people should join.”

In the future, the students of Francis Lewis hope to see many wins from our fledgling female sports teams. Go Patriots!

By Simranjit Kaur & Satyia Singh

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Francis Lewis Breaks Gender Barriers with Sports Teams