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Assistant Principal Patrick Dunphy Runs NYC Marathon for Charity

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Within the halls of Francis Lewis High School and residing in room 139 is Mr. Patrick Dunphy. Known by students as the Assistant Principal of the school’s Social Studies Department, he is dedicated to ensuring the success of the students. In addition, Dunphy is also an avid runner who ran the New York City TCS Marathon on Sunday, November 2nd, 2015, to raise money for charity.

Mr. Dunphy completed his first full marathon on Sunday, November 2nd. He ran to raise money for the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB). Dunphy did not choose this foundation without thought, as he was was diagnosed with Stickler Syndrome when he was 16. Stickler Syndrome is a hereditary disease in which individuals experience visual abnormalities, hearing loss, and muscle issues, often requiring surgery to correct or fix. Dunphy worked hard to prepare for the big event, and ensure that he could finish it.

“Like any other big event in life, you have to prepare yourself. You can’t just throw it all together in the end.”

Due to his condition, this race in particular was extremely important to Mr. Dunphy. For the marathon he had been training for nearly 20 weeks, and ran for a total of over 300 miles. When asked about how he felt about it, Dunphy had this to say:

“The days leading up to it, was my high. I literally had one doctor that said this is a risk. Take it easy, don’t do this. And then I had another doctor, who said go ahead and do it! Live each day, the time is now.”

“The last five miles are pretty much all uphill. When you’ve already run 20 miles, and then you have to run another five miles uphill, it can become really, really challenging.”, is what Mr. Dunphy’s reply when asked about his experience in the run. The route of the race was filled with bridges, hills, and points of high elevation, but he continued to run despite the fatigue he felt overcoming his body.

“This is a huge challenge for me given my physical challenge, but there is always risk,” Dunphy said when describing why he chose to run the marathon. Days leading up to the race, Mr. Dunphy struggled to decide if he should participate. During the whole race, the question of whether or not he made the right decision reemerged in his head. However, once he passed the finish line, he knows that the whole thing was worth it.

When Mr. Dunphy was asked how he felt about crossing the finish line, he let out a happy sigh.

“Oh man, I felt so good, so good to be done with the marathon. It’s definitely the closest thing I’ll feel to what a professional athlete feels like.”

 By: Esther Chai, Kenneth Chiu, and Christopher Lopez

Picture Credit: Humans of Francis Lewis

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Assistant Principal Patrick Dunphy Runs NYC Marathon for Charity