Michaels Store Closes its Doors, Leaving Many at an Inconvenience

Shelves empty, clutter on the floor, and a slight smell of cardboard hit the nose as customers walked into the closing store. A low mumbling among staff could be heard throughout the hostile store, the absence of the regular store music projecting through the speakers is acknowledged. As they had missed the sign on the front door, shock runs down customer’ spines as they realize the store they once treasured would be closing soon. You never truly know the value of something until it is soon to be gone.

Michael’s, located at  187-04 Horace Harding Expwy in Fresh Meadows, is closing permanently on February 23.

“When I learned that the store was closing, I was shocked and in disbelief,” said Sarah Lin, a sophomore at Francis Lewis and  a regular customer at Michaels.  “This store had been there for as long as I can remember and to see it closing made me feel sad, as if part of my past was leaving. Seeing the empty shelves really solidified the feeling further.”

According to QNS, many residents that live nearby Michaels are very upset about its closing. The next closest Michaels for these residents is in Long Island, which makes shopping at the store very inconvenient. 

“The reason why many of us choose to go to Michaels is how convenient it is to get things but now that such convenience is gone, we have to rely more on shopping online and driving further to get supplies,” says Lin. “I no longer can get supplies to crochet anymore without having to buy it online. I really find online shopping inconvenient as you cannot quality check it before it comes and it takes a couple of days to get what you buy.”

Not only did this news affect customers, but it also affected the employees working at the Queens location. When workers were informed of the news they collectively shared the feeling of shock that many customers felt.

“It came with a big shock among the workers,” Michaels employee, Mr. Devon said. “The news was so sudden and nobody was expecting it.”

While many felt upset and negative about the news of the store closing, some people, like store manager Mr. Milton, seemed to look at the closing in a positive light. 

“I’m used to waking up early and the commute from my house to here,” Mr. Milton said. “This job has led me to get a lot of skills like leadership and I’ve gotten a lot of friends too. But, this store was unfortunately put up for release. Of course I’ll miss this routine. Before, I used to despise any type of change and avoid it at all costs, but I’m kind of excited about what life will be like after.”

While working at Michaels, employees such as Mr. Devon have made countless bonds and friendships, which will make the closing process much harder. 

“I’ve made a great friendship with my manager and connections with the co-workers too,” Mr. Devon added. “I feel like you can’t experience a change without making some friends throughout it.”

According to an article on patch.com, a spokesperson from Michaels stated that closing and opening stores each year is a “normal course of business.” Although closing a store might business as usual, it could be an issue very dear to several customers.

“I remember when I was younger how my father took me and my sister to buy my very own sketchbook,” Lin said. “I also remember coming after school every day in 6th grade, scanning the pen aisles and debating what to get.”

Despite the fact that saying goodbye to the store is difficult for several people, everything must come to an end.

“In the end, Michaels will always stay in my memories one way or another,” Lin said.