Cultural Diversity Shines at the International Festival


Siyao He, representing Japan and China and accompanied by pianist Nick Guo, played a beautiful classical instrument dressed in traditional attire.

Francis Lewis hosted the 2018 International Festival on Friday, March 23 in the auditorium.  The event celebrated the cultural diversity of 15 countries represented in our school and showcased the talents of our student body.

“In our group, [the] majority of the girls really put in a lot of time and effort and it showed on stage,” senior Namisha Singh said. ” The actual experience when the lights came on and we heard the “na na re” as our sign of “showtime” was absolutely magical.” 

“We spent a lot of time together and got to know each other a lot,” added senior Madeline Pangol.  “This is what made us stronger.”

Students also appreciated the hard work and dedication of faculty members to make this event a memorable evening.

“None of it could have been done without the help and the patience of our beautiful adviser Ms. Durga,” senior Nasita Maywalall said. “She pushed us the extra mile we needed to go in order to make our performance magnificent. I can’t thank her enough.”