Puzzle Club Brings Students Together, One Piece at a Time

A competition on Rubik’s race between two members.

The quiet atmosphere has taken over the classroom as a group of Francis Lewis students sitting on the floor focus on solving a puzzle. Next door, competitions on Rubik’s are in full swing.  Board members have also formed small classes, teaching club members different methods of solving Rubik’s cube.  This is Puzzle Club, a place where you can immerse yourself in a world of puzzles and games.

In 2016, the Puzzle Club was developed by a group of students interested in puzzles and Rubik’s. In three years, the number of the Puzzle Club members expanded from a few people to more than 80 members. 

“Puzzles can help people to develop their collaboration skills and relieve stress,” said senior and President Cho Kiu “Lorita” Chan.  “I personally love puzzle so this really motivated me to make this club a better place.”

Adviser Ms. Kim was inspired to be the adviser through her love of working with puzzles as a child.

“I always had a love for making puzzles when I was younger so when last year’s adviser, Ms. Cardona, asked me to be this year’s adviser, I was ecstatic,” Ms. Kim said. “I subbed for her when she could not stay on Fridays last year. I had a lot of fun and was excited to start this year.”

One aspect of the club that entices students is that members have the freedom to choose the section of the club that they enjoy. 

The club is separated into two sections: Puzzles and Rubik’s,” Kim added. “There are students who prefer collaborating or independently making traditional puzzles, as simple or as complex as they come. The Rubik’s room not only has different sized Rubik’s cubes and games, but many brain teaser games and puzzles.”

Sharing a common interest, the club connects students from all different grades through teamwork and competitions.

“We bond through the puzzles,” junior Kaitlin White said. “We do them together and it’s a good place where you can make new friends.”

The club reminds Ms. Kim of the memories she had with her grandmother and she hopes to create memorable experiences for the students as well.  

It was funny – a group and I were so focused on trying to find the border pieces, we didn’t even hear the bell ring,” Ms. Kim said. “It brought me back to my childhood when my grandmother and I would spend time making puzzles and she would always tape the back so we could hang them. By the time we bought all of the puzzles in our local store, we filled up the entire living room wall! I hope that this club will create that good memory for our club members as well.”

The Puzzle Club meets every Friday during 11th period in rooms 232 and 230. All students are encouraged to come.