Blaze Pizza Opens New Location in Fresh Meadows

You can get a variety of different toppings at Blaze Pizza.

Blaze Pizza opened a new location in Fresh Meadows on Horace Harding Expressway over the summer, offering a unique and delicious pizza experience for the Francis Lewis community.  As we walked into Blaze, we immediately noticed energetic customers filled with hunger and the smell of dough and brownies filled the air as we waited in line to order.  As we sat down and felt the crust crunch with every bite, we realized that Blaze Pizza has changed the way pizza is made forever.

We believe that pizza should be made perfectly to one’s palette. Blaze Pizza can help you accomplish that goal.  The ingredients are displayed right in front of you while you are ordering, and they build it in front of you as if you are dining at QDoba or Chipotle.  Blaze Pizza provides a variety of different dough, sauces, and toppings, which includes gluten free cauliflower and keto crust options.

“I definitely do think our pizza is good,” Manager Jennifer Altine said.  “You can see first hand how we are making your pizza.  I think that’s a game changer for us cause we take it a step further.”

Blaze Pizza is committed to being environmentally friendly.  When you get your drink, you’ll notice that they don’t put out straws, they provide lids instead. “Straws suck,” says a sticker on one of the Blaze Pizza soda fountains. Each cup includes a message on how you should recycle because there is no planet B. They even have a quote visible in the restaurant that says, “We’re committed to making intelligent choices for our pizza, people and planet.”

Within the myriad of options they provide, customers can also choose healthier alternatives.  Their menu includes veggie toppings such as artichokes, mushrooms, pineapple, and spinach.  Customers say the food is worth the money.

“It was pretty good for a whole pizza,” said a student customer, Elizabeth Kogan. “It was actually really fulfilling.”

The environment at Blaze is different than any other pizzeria you’ve been to.  It not only serves delicious food and drinks, but the employees seem more lively. When they take your order they are kind and definitely follow the motto, “The customer is always right.” 

“All of our employees are more of a younger crowd, so it’s definitely a lot of kids between high school and college,” Altine said. “They interact with the customers a lot more and they’re a lot more vibrant.”