Earthquakes in Puerto Rico Cause Hardship for Families

Puerto Rico was hit by another earthquake on January 7, 2019 as nearly 600 buildings were destroyed, causing $110 million in damage, according to  This destruction has caused hardship to the families living in Puerto Rico. 

Sophomore Jade Cora-Brea has cousins and aunts living in a Puerto Rican city called San Sebastian.  She has felt uneasy about the events as her family was affected.

“I haven’t gotten in touch with them,” Cora-Brea said. “All the power is gone and everything. I’m hoping that they’re okay.”

Some family members with relatives in Puerto Rico were in complete shock when they first heard the news. This earthquake was one of the largest strikes to hit within this century, and many people with family in Puerto Rico have been deeply worried for their safety.

“I was very concerned and scared for the family,” Queens resident Arthur Machin said. “I felt this feeling of anxiety come over me.” Arthur Machin has loved ones living in a city called Las Piedras. They are doing better now since it’s not affecting them.

Families in Puerto Rico are lacking necessities to take care of themselves, but people are trying their best to send supplies to those families in need. Queens resident Carlos Martinez has aunts and uncles living in a town called Isabela. Although the earthquake happened on the opposite end of their town, he still felt concerned for them.

 “I am sending necessities to Puerto Rico every chance I get,” Martinez said. “Examples are, non-perishable foods, clothing, and pet food.” 

Some families have not fully recovered from Hurricane Maria in 2017. Hurricane Maria is responsible for more than 4,600 deaths ( Now, many people will have to struggle with another natural disaster that has struck them.

“Well I was really surprised and super sad because my mother’s country is destroyed right now,” Cora-Brea said. “After experiencing Hurricane Maria, everything was destroyed and nothing was still the same. Now it’s just horrible.”

Not only were people affected by these latest earthquakes, but so were the animals. According to Fox 32 Chicago, The Sato Project had more than 110 pet shelters for an emergency evacuation flight from Puerto Rico.

 “I certainly am worried about everyone on that island as well as all the animals that got lost during the horrible catastrophe,” Martinez said.

Unfortunately all the people with loved ones living in Puerto Rico have a fear for their safety after these earthquakes.

“Everybody is suffering from anxiety, because they are scared for what is next to come,” Machin said.