One in 5000: Ms. Rosenboom

The sound of students walking as the bell rings echoes the halls. The splashing and sketches of different colors are so vibrant and loud. The smell of markers and paints float around the room. The smooth feeling of chalk in your hand. In the art classroom when students are in the school building, Ms. Rosenboom, the new art teacher, teaches students what art, creativity and inspiration is all about.

Ms. Rosenboom is the new art teacher at Francis Lewis High School. She has only been working at FLHS for a few months. During her time in the school building, she teaches students about art and creativity. In the classrooms she gets along great and connects with her students. Although she has only been teaching art at Francis Lewis High School for a short period of time, she has already positively impacted the FLHS community with her way of being and positive spirit. 

“I feel like with her kindness and her sweet personality, she will be able to help kids relax when it comes to art,” said Mathew Afzali, a sophomore, 

For only being at Francis Lewis High School for a short while, Ms. Rosenboom enjoys her job. She takes the work she does seriously and helps students with their own creative experiences when they need it. She will make sure there is always something for her students to do and make sure her students are enjoying the work they are doing. She feels the artwork her students are doing is very important. She will artistically take students out of their own comfort zones to make them feel and be better artists. 

“I think the most important thing for me is having the students realize that there is no such thing as failure, especially in art,” said Ms. Rosenboom. “Success is a worn down pencil, it’s trial and error.”

During the times we are in, making friends and talking with other students can be difficult, but in Ms. Rosenboom’s classroom it’s easy.

“Her art tutoring and her classes definitely made me more social,” sophomore Zhifey Mo said. “I made more friends in her classes.” 

While teaching art to her students, Ms. Rosenboom listens to what they have to say and learns how to better herself when it comes to teaching or art. She enjoys feedback from her students and she is not afraid to keep learning and becoming a better teacher as she goes. 

“I’ve learned a lot from my students, I have really talented students, so I feel like I’m learning as they learn,” says Eleni Roseboom.

Although Ms. Rosenboom is a new teacher in Francis Lewis High School, this is not her first time being here. Rosenboom previously attended Francis Lewis High School and has been a part of this community when she was younger. Being a teacher now herself has given her a new appreciation for educators. This inspires her to do her job well and to be the best teacher she can be.

“I’ve just watched teacher’s change students lives from young ages,” says Eleni Rosenboom. “That is my goal and I feel like if I ever fall short or don’t have the desire to do that, then I would give up teaching because I realized that it is one of the most important jobs and it could change the world.”

Over 5000 people – including students, teachers, staff, and administrators – are part of the Francis Lewis High School community. One in 5000 is a series that delves into the individual stories of the people in our community.

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One in 5000: Ms. Rosenboom

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