FLHS Celebrates Black History Month

“Black History Month means the ability to celebrate people who have contributed to our world, not only to America but just to the world. So it means a lot to me because we’re all important and it’s important to celebrate everyone. There’s several figures I look up to, but I’d say the most significant one starts at home with my mother. My mother being an immigrant from Jamaica and coming here at a very early age and just being able to accomplish all that she did, I would say she was my first role model. Over the years, I have been blessed to have so many more, some of them are celebrities, but I try to keep it as close as possible to home so I would start with my mother.” – Mrs. Barnes

Black History Month takes place during February and is celebrated across the U.S. yearly. This is the time where the importance of Black figures are celebrated along with their achievements. FLHS News took the opportunity to ask the FLHS community what Black History month meant to them.