Art for Awareness Club Celebrates Mother’s Day

The Art for Awareness Club at Francis Lewis celebrated and engaged in Mother’s Day through the activity of making cards using watercolor. The club activity allowed students to create cards for their mothers as a Mother’s Day gift.

“I think Mother’s Day is about celebrating your mother or mother figure, someone who provided you a lot of comfort and helped throughout your life,” said My Anh Phan, president of the Art for Awareness Club. “It doesn’t have to be specifically a birth mother in my opinion. It could be someone who is also like a mother figure to you.  I think it’s all about celebrating someone who cared for you for a very long time.”

Mother’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated around the world to show mothers how much we appreciate, respect, and love them. It is a day that serves to remind people of the value and significance of mothers in their lives and serves as a day to honor all mothers all over the world.

“Mother’s Day is like any other day. You should be showing appreciation to the people who raised you no matter what,” said Mobashara Ahmed, vice president of the club. “On Mother’s Day specifically, I like how the world takes time to pause and kind of really show their appreciation towards their mothers. It’s like a nice day, you are showing your appreciation towards someone who raised you and has been there for you your whole life.” 

The Art for Awareness club brings attention to many social issues, such as Black Lives Matter, black cat incidents on Halloween, and mental health issues through art.

“We want to raise awareness to different social injustices through the form of art,” Ahmed said. “We do songwriting, painting, drawing, and we do little goodie bags for different social stuff. For example, for homelessness in the winter we raised money to crochet little dolls to give to little children and homeless people.”

Making handmade cards or other handmade items are some of the things that people give their mothers on Mother’s Day.

“I make my mom a very extra card and I do this by using a lot of 3D stuff,” Phan said. “Last time I made a 3D pop-up of flowers on it. It was really nice. My mom really liked it. Other times I made my mom an actual 3D flower. I also made her a bookmark for her books because she really likes reading.”

The “card-making activity” in the Art for Awareness Club allows students to create something for their Mothers to show their appreciation.

“Our card-making activity shows appreciation towards the mother,” said Katelyn Kang, co-vice president of the club.  “Since you are making something for her and you are going to give it to her and hopefully our intentions are that you make a nice card for your mom and give it to her on Mother’s Day and she enjoys the sentiment.”