Officers Marmol and Reyes Changing Student Lives at Francis Lewis


Jennifer Hernandez

(left to right) Officers Marmol and Reyes visit Francis Lewis High School on May 5

Officers David Marmol and Maria Reyes approached a classroom full of observant JROTC sophomore and junior cadets at Francis Lewis High School armed with weapons and a smile, beginning their lecture for the day.

The two New York City police officers have been patrolling the five boroughs and visiting high schools to discuss with students the importance of staying on track in school and life.

“I grew up in a rough time and area,” said Marmol. “Going to high school I noticed a lot of drug addicts on my way to high school and I wanted to do something to benefit the community.”

Marmol knew he wanted to be a police officer since he was in high school and his dream became a reality through persistence and courage.

Officer Reyes joined the police academy to help serve those in need within New York City communities. Both officers began visiting city high schools to make students aware of the reality of the world we live in today.

“I get to help people,” said Reyes. “When I hear a thank you, when I make somebody’s day better or help that person in need…that to me is rewarding enough. Working with kids is that much more rewarding.”


JROTC students at Francis Lewis get to hear what Reyes and Marmol have to say in their classroom about drug use in society as the officers respond to student discussions on the topic.

“I learned how someone else saw drugs and how it didn’t make sense to him [Officer Marmol],” said sophomore and JROTC student Angela Chan. “What really stuck with me was his example of why would you buy drugs from a drug dealer behind a dumpster?”

Additionally, teachers bring Marmol and Reyes into their classes to show students the importance of their job and daily responsibilities.

“They will discuss different things in regards  to civil liberties and how we should interact with the police,’’ said Francis Lewis law teacher Ms. Brand.

“They’ll have the students come up and partake in scenarios to see certain situations played out and how law enforcement deals with it. It impacts the students in a positive way.”

Francis Lewis law and JROTC students realized the importance of the two officers’ job and who they are behind their uniforms.

“I realized that they are people like us,’’ said sophomore and law student Johanna Caizan. “They have a life; they have children, they have families. They also have a dangerous life. I admire them for having that type of capability and responsibility because they are the people protecting us.”