Francis Lewis Hosts its Second Annual Alumni Homecoming

Class of ‘67 alumni try modern trends in an old fashioned classroom.

The smell of coffee brewing and barbecue encompassed the feeling of familiarity and remembrance on a sunny Saturday morning. Francis Lewis High School hosted its annual Alumni Homecoming event on May 20 to welcome back past students that experienced the path to college and career readiness.

Only in its second year, the event inspired current students to interact and learn with those that have tackled life after high school. Classes of 1992, 2007 and a special 40th year reunion for classes 1973-1977 were together, reliving the memories of former classrooms and crowded hallways.   

“Over the last couple of years we had a couple of alumnus step up to create something special,” said Principal Dr. Marmor. “It’s a chance to get together, have fun, reminisce and talk about their experiences.”

“With 4500 students working it gets chaotic. You’re always focusing on the day to day and sometimes you don’t really get to see when people grow up. When you get an opportunity to hear what people experience, it means a lot to us.”

Former teachers and administrators were also in attendance, such as Jeffrey Scherr, former principal at Francis Lewis from 2003 to 2009.

“It was the height of my professional career,” said Scherr.  “Having spent thirty years here, there are a lot of people I’ve been involved with and really treasured. I think the school is a wonderful example of making diversity work.”

Alumni also had the chance to reminisce on their favorite years at Francis Lewis. “Well I could say with conviction that my senior year was the best year of my life,” said class of 1998 alumnus and former swim team member  Robert Jurad.  “We won City Championship. It was a very overwhelming moment for me.”  

When asked to give advice to current Francis Lewis students, Jurad added, “Take in the moment. Find a balance and enjoy  yourself and your surroundings.”

The learning environment created at Francis Lewis is equipped with tools to prepare students for the real world and has even inspired former students to pursue the journey they fell in love with. 

“We had a math team, which was one of the best in Queens,” said Class of 1977 alumnus Mark Dunlap. “It made me choose the career path of financial counseling.”

An alumni connection is not only a gateway to shared interests and memories, but also emphasizes the concept of networking for future career goals. 

“Building a strong alumni connection will help our recent graduates,” added Dr. Marmor. “Francis Lewis alumni will help each other.”