SAT Changes Coming in 2016

Starting in 2016, new changes to the SAT examination will take effect. The new SAT will now be graded on a scale score of 1600, as opposed to the previous scale of 2400. The new SAT will also eliminate obscure words and replace them with words that are used in everyday academic and professional areas. The essay portion of the exam will become optional, yet some universities may still require them.

Although these changes may sound like it will make the new SAT a less tenuous task for future high school students, other changes may make it more challenging. Calculators will be eliminated from parts of the math section, and the reading passages will require students to use their analysis skills more. Moreover, the minor penalty for guessing will be eliminated.

The upcoming changes have received both positive and negative feedback and are currently a major conversation piece in many households all across America. Dr. Marmor, Principal of Francis Lewis High School offered his own thoughts on the changes:

“In my opinion, there is a rivalry between the ACT and SAT, and by dropping of the writing might have been a business competitive issue. The ACT has been gaining more popularity over the SAT recently. I do not personally believe that the SAT is the only factor to indicate college readiness, but it is a good one. It allows us to have some way to measure and to judge amplitude across the whole country levels the playing field. We do need some sort of measuring stick that you can use to be able to compare students across state.”

So what do you think about these new SAT changes? We would love to hear your opinions. Please feel free to leave your comments below!