Farewell Seniors and Class of 2021!


The 2021 Francis Lewis High School graduation at Hofstra University

This year was different to say the least for seniors. Instead of experiencing the traditions of a normal last year – from prom to senior trips to seeing our friends in the hallways and classroom – we Zoomed into school and dealt with a global pandemic. However, one aspect remained the same as previous years: seniors graduated.

“It feels bittersweet,” said Erin Hong, a senior at Francis Lewis High School. “Spending my senior year in quarantine felt like one whole year of high school had been taken away from me, with no particularly significant memories to hold on to. It’s too bad that I couldn’t spend my senior year as ideally as I wanted.”

“I just wish I had more time to spend with my friends before we all went away for college,” continued Hong. “But at the same time, I’m excited for a new start and a journey of independence and growth as a college student.”

The bittersweet feelings among those graduating were prevalent among seniors at Francis Lewis. Even then, seniors we spoke to reminisced about the friends they made, the bond they shared with teachers, and happy memories.   

“The most I will miss at Francis Lewis High School is the memories that I have made there.” asserted Nathan Ha, a senior at Francis Lewis High School. “The memories made there can’t be recreated because it occurred for a reason at that place and time.” 

The struggles seniors faced were often accompanied by the support of close friends. Kelvin Wang, a senior,  said the friendships he formed over the years were instrumental to getting through this unusual and challenging year. 

“I treasure every friend regardless if it was only for a brief moment because every moment is precious,” said Wang. “The friends who have stayed with me through high school will be the most memorable as they left a huge impact on my life. They help encourage me and accompany me through the worst as that is what friends are for”

Dealing with remote learning also allowed students to self-reflect, and in the process discover new traits and skills. 

“Everything was unknown and sudden,” said Wendy Li, a senior at Francis Lewis High School. “I’ve learned so much about myself and who I am as an individual.”

Hong agreed, adding that all four years, from pre-pandemic times to pandemic times, was a time for growth.

“Throughout my four years in high school, I learned that I possessed more leadership skills than I thought I did.” Hong said. 

Students expressed nervousness and concern for the new adventures ahead, including college. 

“Honestly, college is a bit intimidating to me. I have never been away from home by myself, and I still am not used to being independent, especially because I rely on my parents a lot as an only child,” said Hong. “The idea of sharing a room with someone I don’t know, getting myself food without anyone cooking for me, and commuting to places in the bustling city unlike my quiet neighborhood where I can just walk or ride a car, all seem unfamiliar.”

However, Hong added that he was “excited for a new start and a journey of independence and growth as a college student.”

The seniors did offer each other advice though for embarking on this new chapter.

“Make sure to be social and communicate with others because having friends makes it two times more fun,” said Ha.

“Try to be yourself,” said Wang. “Don’t change who you are just for one person, think to yourself is it worth it all to change who you are for that person. You are who you choose to be.”

FLHS News congratulates the Class of 2021!