Zainab Shigri

Zainab Shigri, Reporter

Moving to a whole new country can be very difficult, just as it was for me. At a young age my family made a decision to move my two siblings and I from Pakistan to America. While this was hard, knowing it was to New York City made me quite at ease, the diversity everybody talked about lived up to its name, the different cultures being embraced on every street you turn still amazes me today. My name is Zainab Shigri and I’m a reporter for FLHS News. I’ve been in journalism since my sophomore year and have come to love it immensely. Some of my work include articles regarding Environmental issues as well as topics regarding the Muslim community. I enjoy reporting on numerous topics and bring to light important issues that otherwise remain ignored. With this I’ve also taken a passion of photography, as the famous saying goes a picture speaks a 1000 words and I do strongly believe that. Photos have hidden meanings to them and captivate a beauty from different views. Since joining FLHS news I’ve taken a priority in making sure my peers are informed on different topics wether they resonate on world issues, sports and even including arts and entertainment. I hope to inform and educate others with my words and images, whilst making a difference in this world.

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Zainab Shigri